In case you haven't noticed, we recently added a new 'Nano Colony' page to our Coral Colonies selection. There are LOTS of fantastic little gems available on this page in a wide variety of types - SPS, LPS, and Softies! Looking for the perfect piece to fill in that last little space on your reef? Working on a tight budget, but want something more than just a frag? Or maybe you have a Nano tank and need some smaller pieces? Either way, this is the page for you!

Nano Coral Colonies
Maxima Clams for Sale | Crocea Clams for Sale
HPJ150979BlueZoas 300 - New Nanos!
HPJ156169PipeOrgan 300 - New Nanos!
HPJ151169BirdsNest 300 - New Nanos!
HPJ154779BranchingHammer 300 - New Nanos!
HPJ152769ClovePolyps 300 - New Nanos!
HPJ150169TwocolorZoanthid 300 - New Nanos!
HPJ152369BlueRhodactis 300 - New Nanos!
HPJ156759GreenDevilHand 300 - New Nanos!

Plus we've got some super sales going on inverts this week. You'll especially want to check out our Margarita Snails and Cortez Red Leg Hermits, as low as $0.69 each after Quantity Discounts!
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