Calling all Zoa and Paly lovers! Make sure to check out our Premium Palys page - we have frags of all these gorgeous Paly colonies available plus many more. And don't forget about the exclusive discount!

Premium Palys!

LSZ20MA0632204920PPE 300 zps1xln9ihu - Premium Palys!
LSZ20MA0621207920Strawberry20Hornet 300 zpshmmk3rdb - Premium Palys!
LSZ20MA0601207920Glimmering20Krakatoa 300 zpshydtznaq - Premium Palys!
LSZ20MA0603209920Goldrush 300 zpsyfqch4eg - Premium Palys!
LSZ20MA0618207920Starfield20Krakatoa 300 zpsmminboq0 - Premium Palys!
LSZ20MA0616205920Sapphire20Eyes 300 zpscvcyk4te - Premium Palys!