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SuperBowl Savings!

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    Default SuperBowl Savings!

    The Superbowl is here, and that means SUPER SAVINGS for you! This week we are running our Superbowl Sale! Take 40% off all regularly priced corals on our Coral Colony, WYSIWYG Frag, and Australian Pages. Just enter discount code 'SuperBowl' during checkout to see your savings!

    Some of the great corals included in the sale:
    Australian Coral Colonies and Frags for Sale | Acanthastrea lordhowensis Frags
    AUJ050289Acanlord 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    AUJ050989Acanlord 300 - SuperBowl Savings!

    All Coral Colonies
    HPJ231489RedAcanechinata 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    HPJ230479Lobophyllia 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    HPJ193579YellowOrangeScolymia 300 - SuperBowl Savings!

    All Frags
    FJ252239BonsaiPurpleAcropora 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    FJ2626 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    FJ2659 300 - SuperBowl Savings!

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    Amazing special!
    Hi my name is Larry and I'm a coral addict!

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    Over 150 new WYSIWYG Frags just added to the sale! All kinds of beautiful corals available, with a HUGE 40% off discount - enter discount code 'SuperBowl' during checkout to see your savings. Just check these gorgeous guys out!

    All Frags
    FF042679BonzoBozoChalice 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    FF041759BlueMagicianPalys 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    FF053049GreenhornetPavonamaldivensis 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    FF047349PoppyPickinCyphastrea 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    FF043869TealBlastZoanthid 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    FF046149PurpletipHammer 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    FF052369BlackCherryPeopleEaters 300 - SuperBowl Savings!
    FF051149Duncan 300 - SuperBowl Savings!

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