The Blue Plate Specials for Friday May 18. Prices include all packing fees and Priority Overnight shipping costs (Saturday delivery may be extra, call to confirm).

To claim a package, please give us a call at our toll free number - 877-887-5224. Because these are posted on multiple boards, you must call to claim it. First to call will receive the WYSIWYG package, but in most cases we will have other similar frags and may be able to get you a similar package for the same price!

You are welcome to add other livestock from our website to these item with no additonal shipping costs, but please be aware that your order and addons will not qualify for any BTFS discount due to the already discounted shipping costs included with these prices.
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Acan Magic Package #14
Captain Blood bowerbanki, Orange Splash Mr. Greenjeans echinata, and Amazing Technicolor echinata, $90 shipped price for the package
c2e0cdbb - Today's Blue Plate Specials

Ultra Acro Package #17
Yellow polyp, neon Electric, Aussie Tricolor, Blueberry polyp, $75 shipped for the package
d16fc2fa - Today's Blue Plate Specials