Amazing anemones!

These have been in stock for a month, are fed daily, and are very healthy with tight closed mouths, and the carpets are super sticky. These are really awesome Anemones!

Check pricing and see them all here:

Perfect Carpets, excellent smaller sizes
220Bright20Red20Haddoni20Carpet20Anemone20620699 zpsqtlavzba - Unbelievable Anemones
620Blue20Haddoni20Carpet20Anemone20620279 zpstl6n6qzd - Unbelievable Anemones
120Purple20Haddoni20Carpet20Anemone204520199 zpsg4wbjk7o - Unbelievable Anemones

Nice larger BTAs
1620Green20Bubble20tip20Anemone20720139 zpse3g20cgr - Unbelievable Anemones

Wierd Fires
2020Confetti20Hell20Fire20Anemone20520299 zpsjtg3rqef - Unbelievable Anemones
1820Bright20Red20Hell20Fire20Anemone20620279 zpsplbeh2u5 - Unbelievable Anemones

Gorgeous LTAs
2520Snowcone20Electric20Green20Long20Tentacle20Anemone20620179 zpsxfocg6mt - Unbelievable Anemones
1120Purple20Long20Tentacle20Anemone20620149 zpswwwkvtlc - Unbelievable Anemones

Plus this Special small carpet!
2420Amazing20Small20Bright20Red20Haddoni20Carpet20Anemone20320659 zpshxfvfhx5 - Unbelievable Anemones