Some general rules that may or may not be implemented in a PIF. Rules for each PIF are at the discretion of the PIF owner. While input from others may be appreciated it is at the discretion of the owner which rules are implemented. With that said here is a list of some rules/considerations when setting up a PIF of your own. For the sake of this thread the PIF starter, owner refers to the original poster or starter of the coral distribution. The PIF refers to the item being distributed or an immediate clone of the original piece.

  • A list will be made and every attempt will be made to follow it. Geographical considerations as well as experience levels will have some bearing on the distribution of the coral. The more information you can give in your post, the greater the chance of a successful PIF. Where you live, your experience level, how far will you travel to distribute the PIF and are you willing to ship (at receivers expense) is all valuable information when considering distribution.
  • NO ONE will ever be charged in a PIF, save shipping expenses, which will be payed at actual shipping cost. Everyone whose name is in this PIF to participate will receive and pass along the coral without charge to anyone else whose name is in this PIF forever at no charge.
  • Participants are under no obligation to advertise the PIF. If all participants in your general area have received or are on a schedule to receive the PIF soon the item may be sold to non-participants. Please use some discretion and common sense in the administration of this rule.

This is just a rules/recommendation start, more will be added. If you have something you would like to see added to the list let me know. Instead of typing out the rules in every PIF I thought a menu with rules that could be C/P'ed into a thread would be easier.