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Top down pictures

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    Default Top down pictures

    Mean Greens (zoanthids); other zoanthids & rare red mushrooms
    td meangreens - Top down pictures

    I love this LPS to SPS shot. The tips of the Crayola acro are bright blue. A tuft of Bryopsis needs to be pinched off.
    td sps lps - Top down pictures

    Mixed zoanthids - Red Rings, button polyps, Mean Greens, etc.
    td zoas - Top down pictures

    Scripps acro (A. micropthalma)
    td scripps - Top down pictures

    Purple Milli (shot from above from the back of the tank, virtually upside down)
    td purple milli - Top down pictures

    My MACNA Toadstool frag that has grown beautifully over the years.
    td toadstool - Top down pictures

    Pink Branching Hammer coral
    td pink hammer - Top down pictures

    Acropora nobilis frag that is happy and healthy
    td nobilis frag - Top down pictures

    Maxima clam with some Jimmies (zoas) growing up the backside.
    td maxima - Top down pictures

    Lots of Bytor Orange zoanthids
    td bytors - Top down pictures

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    Sunset Montipora - not as colorful as I'd hoped, but encrusting nicely.
    td sunset monti - Top down pictures

    Green tabling acropora
    td green table - Top down pictures

    A cute Ocellaris hosting in Lavendar Frilly Mushrooms. Spock warped through the frame.
    td clown - Top down pictures

    A. granulosa
    td granulosa - Top down pictures

    Blue A. millepora frags - I see some blue appearing.
    td blue milli1 - Top down pictures

    td blue milli2 - Top down pictures

    The new pink tabling Acropora sp.
    td pink table - Top down pictures

    The parent colony of Acropora nobilis - tips aren't the only part dying back. *sigh*
    td nobilis - Top down pictures

    The main Acropora Crayola colony has spread in multiple layers or levels.
    td crayola parent - Top down pictures

    td crayola oo - Top down pictures

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    My other Crayola colony in the back of the tank.
    td crayola 2 - Top down pictures

    Moon coral
    td moon - Top down pictures

    Looking down on the reef from the back toward the front sandbed.
    td reefshot - Top down pictures

    The new Echinophyllia
    td echinophyllia - Top down pictures

    Another view from the back toward the front.
    td reefshot2 - Top down pictures

    A blue Echinophyllia that was stung by mushrooms and plagued with cyano.
    td blue echino - Top down pictures

    Neon star polyps
    td neon starpolyps - Top down pictures

    Another nice view through the corals to the front corner of the tank. You can barely see the Green and the Pink Pocillopora corals.
    td reefshot3 - Top down pictures

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    klasikb - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2004


    very nice, thanks for sharing
    Just a girl trying to create a little bit of paradise on earth without killing it.

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    WOW...what more can I say! Wonderful Tank!

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    cweber - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Feb 2007


    Absolutly Stunning!!!

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    CR Member
    Join Date
    Jun 2007
    Romeo, Mi


    awsome tank man, Im a huge fan of the reefcasts bytheway!

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    Thanks y'all.

    Visit Melev's Reef

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    jojo22 - Reefkeeper Registered User
    Join Date
    Nov 2005
    Canton, Ohio


    VERY NICE!!!
    Does water always taste like salt and poo????

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    hummer - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Nov 2006
    seneca ,IL


    yes ...awsome as always..... u the man..............
    :: hummer :nemo

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