Neptune Apex is back in stock! So are the Neptune Junior and the Junior with no display… Still no word on exactly when the Apex Lite will arrive, but Neptune assures us that we’re near the front of the line whenever they’re ready.
We’ve added Danner Mfg. air pumps to the website. They come in sizes starting at 2 watts, and with Danner’s solid reputation with their Mag-Drive water pumps, these are sure to be solid units. You can check out the 8-watt model here:
Electronic Tunze Silence recirculation pumps have arrived. These are sharp, reliable little units, as you can see here:
Skimmer news: Reef Octopus Hang-On skimmers with an auto-topoff reservoir were just added, as well as the Super Reef 6.3” Ltd. Space Saver. Both are geared for situations where a hobbyist has limited room to include equipment.
Space Saver: