The new T5 shipping rate is an awesome deal if you pick up multiple bulbs on the same order… If you get 4 or more 24” or 36” T5 bulbs, the box fee is waived! If you get 6 or more 48”, 60” or 72” bulbs, the box fee is waived! On smaller orders, the normal box rate will still apply. For details:

One great way to take advantage of the t5 shipping deal is to look at alternatives to the higher-priced t5 brands. Hexarc t5 lamps are made in the same factory as the Giesemann PowerChrome bulbs, but they don’t carry the same price tag:

Several Current USA t5 fixtures have just dropped onto the clearance pages:
cu-usa01121 , cu-usa01122 , cu-usa01124 , cu-usa01125 , cu-usa01126 , cu-usa01136