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LED fixture

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    Default LED fixture

    Hi Steve,

    What is the brand name of the white LED fixture you were showing me the other week? Could you post details... cost, PAR values, ect.?


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    Sure thing. It's called an Aqua-Panel. They are made by Sunshine systems. They have been making LED lights for hydroponic use for quite some time. Here's the webpage for that:

    led grow lights - Sunshine Systems - led grow light

    The LED's on the reef units are different spectrum of course than the hydro lights.

    We need to nudge in a certain Jimsflies with his PAR meter so we can get the official numbers, but we're expecting it to be somewhere between 3 T5 HO bulbs and a 150w HQI. Each light has about a 24" spread, and the fixtures themselves are 12"x12"x2".

    You can plug them in end to end, up to 28 units! - so all that's plugged into the wall is a single power cord.

    They're 100% on or 100% off, but come in at an economical price of $150 each when you buy 3, $165 each when buying 2 and $180 each when buying 1.

    We're pretty happy with them especially for the pricepoint. I'll see if I can get some pictures of them and the tank they are running on soon.



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    I'll stop in this afternoon...if someone will be around.

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    Awesome. Jake is in all day.

    Thanks Jim,


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