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New stock coming in later this morning!

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    Default New stock coming in later this morning!

    Tangs MAC Certified
    Acanthurus lineatus Clown, Lineatus :: Fiji M
    Acanthurus triostegus Convict :: Fiji M

    Coris venusta Coris Venusta :: Central Pacific M
    Macropharyngodon geoffroyi Potter's Geoffroyi :: Central Pacific L
    Paracheilinus mccoskeri McCosker's Flasher :: South Asia S
    Paracheilinus mccoskeri McCosker's Flasher :: South Asia S
    Thalassoma duperrey Orange Collar :: Central Pacific M
    Thalassoma quinquevittatum Pinkface / Fivestripe :: South Asia L

    Wrasses MAC Certified
    Halichoeres melanurus Pinstriped Male Melanurus :: Fiji L
    Halichoeres prosopeion Two Tone :: Fiji M


    Corals Hard Reefhab Frag

    Duncanopsammia axifuga Green Whiskers :: Australia / Coral Sea S
    Lybia tessellata, Bunodeopsis sp. Pom Pom :: Eastern Asia S
    Crabs, Hermit
    Ciliopagurus strigatus Halloween Orange Band :: Eastern Asia M
    Dardanus sp. Red Leg, Assorted :: Eastern Asia M
    Enoplometopus daumi Purple Claw Daumi :: Eastern Asia M
    Polyps, Button/Zoanthid
    Zoanthid sp. on Scleractinia Zoa, Dragon-eye Assorted :: Eastern Asia (Select) M
    Zoanthid sp.on Scleractinia Zoa, Neon Green :: Eastern Asia (Select) M
    Zoanthid sp.on Scleractinia Zoa, Peach Face w/Green Skirt "Starfire" :: Eastern Asia (Select) M
    Polyps, Button/Zoanthid Cultured
    Zoanthid sp. Zoa, Fire & Ice Assorted :: Eastern Asia (Select) M
    Polyps, Button/Zoanthid Reefhab Frag
    Palythoa sp. Red People Eater :: Eastern Asia S

    Shell, Snails

    Turbo castanea Chestnut Turbo :: East Americas
    Turbo castanea cf. Orange Turbo :: East Americas


    Alpheus soror Bullseye Pistol / Blue Spot :: South Asia M
    Alpheus bisincisus Japanese Pistol :: South Asia M
    Gnathophyllum americanum Bumble Bee :: Eastern Asia S
    Odontodactylus scyllarus Mantis Clown / Pea**** :: Eastern Asia S
    Periclimenes brevicarpalis White Spot anemone :: Eastern Asia S
    Stenopus sp. Coral Banded Yellow :: Eastern Asia S
    Stenopus tenuirostris Coral Banded, Blue :: Eastern Asia S
    Stenopus zanzibaricus Coral Banded, Gold :: Eastern Asia S


    Ophiocoma sp. Red Brittle :: East Americas M
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    larryandlaura - Reefkeeper
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    Nov 2010
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    Dang a even bigger list!
    Hi my name is Larry and I'm a coral addict!

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