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    Default More NEW STUFF!!!

    It has been a busy day! No pics, sorry. I am still running the buy 3 corals get one free sale, in addition mention this thread and get 15% off any fish purchase, but you better hurry the best stuff goes FAST!!!


    Angels MAC Certified:Coral Beauty :: Fiji

    Basslets:Royal Gramma :: East Americas

    Blennies MAC Certified:Canary :: Fiji

    Butterflies MAC Certified:Orange Kleini :: Fiji

    Damsels:Chromis, Purple & Yellow :: East Americas

    Dragonets:Mandarin Green :: Eastern Asia

    Dragonets:Mandarin Red :: Eastern Asia

    Dragonets:Scooter :: Eastern Asia

    Dragonets:Scooter Red :: South Asia

    Gobies:Watchman Yellow :: South Asia

    Gobies:Watchman Yellow :: South Asia

    Gobies:Firefish :: Eastern Asia

    Hawks:Flame Armatus :: Central Pacific

    Puffers:Arothron Dogface :: Eastern Asia

    Tangs:Purple :: Africa / Red Sea

    Tangs MAC Certified:Unicorn Juvenile :: Fiji

    Wrasses:Exquisite :: South Asia

    Wrasses:Ruby Head :: Eastern Asia

    Wrasses:Cleaner Common :: South Asia


    Cucumbers:Assorted :: East Americas

    Shell, Snails:Nassarius :: Central Pacific

    Shell, Snails:Red Collar :: West Americas

    Shrimps:Harlequin :: Eastern Asia

    Stars:Chocolate Chip :: Eastern Asia
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  2. If we don't have it, we'll get it!
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    Swartz Creek MI
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    Fish sale valid Saturday and Sunday only!

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