Angels MAC Certified:Coral Beauty :: Fiji
Anthias MAC Certified:Lyretail Red Male :: Fiji
Basslets:Royal Gramma :: East Americas
Butterflies MAC Certified:Latticed :: Fiji
Clownfish Aqua Cultured:Tomato :: Africa / Red Sea
Damsels:Chromis, Green :: Eastern Asia
Dragonets:Mandarin Green :: Eastern Asia
Dragonets:Mandarin Red :: Eastern Asia
Filefish MAC Certified:Orange Spot :: Fiji
Gobies:Orange Spotted :: Eastern Asia
Gobies:Scissortail :: Eastern Asia
Gobies:Watchman Diamond :: South Asia
Groupers:Marine Betta :: Eastern Asia
Rabbitfish:Foxface, One Spot :: Eastern Asia
Tangs:Powder Blue :: South Asia
Tangs:Kole, Yellow Eye :: Central Pacific
Tangs:Naso :: Central Pacific
Tangs:Blue Hippo :: Eastern Asia
Triggers:Niger :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses:Cleaner Common :: Eastern Asia
Wrasses MAC Certified:Xmas, Fiji :: Fiji
Wrasses MAC Certified:Six Line :: Fiji

*MAC Certification ends at the wholesaler for us, but I do buy these fish whenever possible.

The Orange spot files, and Christmas Wrasse are VERY COOL!