Well here it is..... The mess is finally over, and the store back to normal, but BETTER!

895442922 4Emim M - Pics of the new filter!
New Sump, 100 long, with 4 filter socks at one end, about 150 pounds of rock in the middle, and a return chamber that leads to a Reeflo Hammerhead at the other end.

895442956 nPB9n M - Pics of the new filter!
Reeflo Skimmer. This is a temporary skimmer until the Warner Marine 12" Diameter 6' tall QUAD Beckett makes it to the store.

895442992 5wjF5 M - Pics of the new filter!
And Finally the UV! The order goes 57W, 57W, 40W, 40W and then back to the tanks.

In addition to what you see here, we are also thinking of adding Ozone to the system, but more research is required before I make the final call.

Let us know what you think!