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Huge Fish List Look

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    ReefSolutions - Reefkeeper CR Sponsor
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    Jan 2010
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    Cool Huge Fish List Look

    Our Super SALE
    This WEEKEND ==

    Cleaner shrimp small $12.95

    Coral Cat Sharks $59.95 each Save $40.00 this weekend only

    HUGE Beautiful Black and White Anger Fish!!! $89.95

    Fish that we have in stock=======
    Pygmy Angel
    Bi-Color Angel
    Flame Angel
    Juvenille Emperor Angel
    Lyretail Anthias
    Anthias- Squares (M&F)
    Neon Dotty Back
    Dotty back
    Algae blenny
    Bimaculas Blenny
    Black Blenny
    Royal Gramma’s
    Flame tail blenny
    Gold Canary Blenny’s
    Red scooter blenny
    Midas Blenny
    Scooter Blenny’s
    Tail spot Blenny’s
    Long nose butterfly
    Pyramid butterfly
    Bangii Cardinal’s
    Green Chromis
    Tank Raised Black Clowns
    TR Tomato clown
    Picasso Clowns
    TR Cinnamon Clowns
    TR Pink Skunk Clowns
    Ocellaris Clowns
    TR True Percula Clowns
    Clarkii clowns
    Blue Yellow Tail Damsels
    Cross Damsel
    Dragon Goby
    Rainsford Goby
    Aurora Goby
    High fin goby
    Orange spot shrimp Goby
    Orange spot Rabbit Fish
    Red Firefish
    Spotted Mandarin
    Fu man chu lion
    Green file
    Banner Fish
    Small Blue tangs
    Blue Yellow Bellied tang
    indian ocean mimic tang
    Kole Tang
    Chevron Tang
    Powder Blue Tang
    Convict Tang
    Chocolate tang adult
    Naso Tang Show size with streamers XL 9 inches
    Yellow tangs
    Maculiceps Tang
    Scopas tangs
    Purple tangs (2)
    Sohol tang
    Orange shoulder tang
    Sailfin tangs $24.95
    Undalated trigger
    Christmas Wrasse
    Clown wrasse or Solar Wrasse
    YELLOW CORIS WRASSES flatworm eating monsters!! Yes we got some
    Lubbocks wrasses nice colors
    Red coris wrasse juv
    Eight line wrasse
    Four line wrasse from Hawaii
    Purple Scaled Fairy Wrasse
    Six line wrasse $18.95
    Pixy coris wrasse
    Red finned fairy wrasse
    Leapord Wrasse
    McCoskeri Wrasses
    Seagrass Wrasse
    Sunset Wrasse
    Mystery Wrasse
    Whip-Fin Super Male
    Spanish hog fish
    Look Down Fish
    Blue Dot Stingray
    2 coral banded sharks in stock (can pick 'em up and pet 'em)

    Inverts =======
    Caulerpa Algae
    Cheato Algae
    Codylactus anemones
    Long Tentacle anemones
    Sebae anemones
    Emerald crabs
    Harlequin shrimp
    Sexy shrimp
    Camel shrimp
    Coral banded shrimp
    Peppermint shrimp
    Purple lobster
    Mexican turbo snails
    Snad sifting starfish
    thorny starfish reef safe!!

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    ROGERWILCO357 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    May 2010


    coris yellow wrasse do they really eat the flatworms and if so what else do they eat once the worms are gone? and are they coral safe?

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    CR Member
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    Feb 2010
    Sylvania, Oh


    We keep them in our sps system.
    They do well eating flatworms. Never had any problems with them eating anything else but flat worms and fish food, but we've never kept all that much in there.

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    CR Member
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    Jan 2011
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    Jeff R.Solution
    Awards Photo of the Month - Emerald Eyes Photo of the Month Contest


    Yellow Coris Wrasse are more known for eating the Montipora eating Nudibranchs. they eat a wide variety of food, but don't agressively go after it. so basically they don't flip corals over looking for food as some larger wrasse are known to do. he doesn't go after my cleaner shrimp either.
    i have had mine for many years through a softie tank and now in my SPS tank. he has been a wonderful addition from day one. There has never been a problem with them at the store either.

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