Our Super SALE

Clarkii Clowns $8.95 each

Fish that came in this week=======

1 garden eel left

Atlantic Blue Pygmy Angels
Bi Color Angel
Eibli Angel
Flame Angel
Indian Yellow Tail Angel
Rusty Angel
Yellow Angels
Anthias- Squares (M&F)
Royal Gramma’s
Algae Blenny’s
Bimaculatus blenny
Gold Canary Blenny’s
Scooter Blenny’s

Stripped Fang Blenny
Tail spot Blenny’s

Yellow fang blenny
Copperband Butterfly
Pyramid butterfly
Bangii Cardinal’s
Pajama Cardinal
Green Chromis
Tank Raised Black Clowns
TR Cinnamon Clowns
TR Pink Skunk Clowns

Ocellaris Clowns
TR True Percula Clowns

Clarkii clowns
Blue Tail Damsels
Cross Damsel
Pink Damsels $3.95
Yellow Tailed Damsel’s

File Fish Green (Eats Aiptasia)

Aurora goby
Blue Dot Watchman Goby XL

Diamond Sleeper Goby
Dragon Goby
Green Mandarins large
Hectors Goby

High fin goby
Yellow Watchman Goby’s
Orange spot shrimp Goby’s
Rainford’s Goby

Spin cheek goby
Rabbit Fish
Spotted Mandarin
Jawfish Yellow Head

Jawfish Bali Tiger
Dwarf Lionfish

Fu man chu lion
Sweet lips
BLOCHII TANG new item !!!!!!!!
Chocolate juv
chocolate tang adult
clown tang
baby nasos $19.95
Naso Tang XL 5-6inches
Powder Blue Tang
Powder Blue Tang XL 5-6inches
Powder brown tang
Yellow tangs
Scopas tangs
Sailfin tangs $24.95
Kole tangs

Tominiensis Tang
Undalated trigger
blue sided fairy wrasse
Christmas wrasse hawiii red $34.95
YELLOW CORIS WRASSES flatworm eatting monsters!! Yes we got more

Greensea grass wrasse
lubbocks wrasses nice colors
red coris wrasse juv

Red coris wrasse adult
six line wrasse $18.95

Whip fin wrasse

Inverts =======

Caulerpa Algae
Cheato Algae
Green bubble tip anemones
Haitian anemones
Long Tentacle anemones
Sebae anemones
Rose Bubble Tip Anemones 1 in stock
7 Seahares
Harlequin shrimp
Emerald crabs
Peppermint shrimp
Arrow crabs
Cerith snails $0.49
Nassarius snails $2.49 large
Cleaner shrimp
purple lobster

Mexican turbo snails
feather dusters

huge mexican turbo snails $2.49
sun anemones $39.95
sand sifting stars
red thorny starfish reef safe!!
Sebae anemones $24.95
Burgundy Starfish reef safe
Gold linkia starfish reefsafe

Royal urchins

Drygoods ==== new drygoods or things we have restocked that we ran out of
black sand

Dry rock some really nice stuff!!!!! 200 lbs