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MoRe STufF and MoRe SalEs +LOOK+

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    ReefSolutions - Reefkeeper CR Sponsor
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    Default MoRe STufF and MoRe SalEs +LOOK+

    Super SALES This WEEKEND ==

    Yuma Mushrooms Multi-Color Polyps $24.95
    Cerith Snails $0.45 each Good Sizes
    We still have the new blue palys we got in just $5.00 per polyp

    20100317 5 - MoRe STufF and MoRe SalEs +LOOK+

    Fish==== Here are the new fish we got in today
    Bi-Color Angel
    Blue Pygmy Angels
    Eibli Angel
    Flame Angel
    Indian Yellow Tail Angel
    Rusty Angel
    Singapore Angel
    Yellow Angels
    Anthias- Purple Queen (M&F)
    Royal Gramma’s
    Algae Blenny’s
    Canary Blenny’s $14.95
    Bi-Color Blenny’s
    Gold Canary Blenny’s
    Scooter Blenny’s
    Stripped Fang Blenny
    Tail spot Blenny’s
    Copperband Butterfly
    Longnose Butterfly
    Redfin Butterfly
    Bangii Cardinal’s
    Pajama Cardinal’s
    Bumble Bee Chromis
    Doublebar Chromis
    Green Chromis
    Tank Raised Black Clowns
    TR Cinnamon Clowns
    TR Pink Skunk Clowns
    Ocellaris Clowns
    TR True Percula Clowns
    File Fish Green (Eats Aiptasia)
    Blue Dot Watchman Goby XL
    Diamond Sleeper Goby
    Dragon Goby
    Green Mandarins
    Hectors Goby
    Yellow Watchman Goby’s
    Orange spot shrimp Goby’s
    Rainford’s Goby
    Rabbit Fish
    Spotted Mandarin
    Blue Tail Damsels
    Cross Damsel
    Pink Damsels $3.95
    Huge 4 Striped Damsels $4.95
    Yellow Tailed Damsel’s
    Jawfish Yellow Head
    Jawfish Bali Tiger
    Jawfish blue dot
    Dwarf Lionfish
    Fu man chu lion
    Sweet lips
    BLOCHII TANG new item !!!!!!!!
    Blue eyed tang
    Desjardin Sailfins
    Naso Tang XL 5-6inches
    Powder Blue Tang
    Powder Blue Tang XL 5-6inches
    Powder brown tang
    Yellow tangs
    Scopas tangs
    Sailfin tangs $24.95
    Kole tangs
    Bursa trigger
    Black Durgeon Tang
    Undalated trigger
    blue sided fairy wrasse
    Cleaner Wrasses
    Christmas wrasse hawiii red $38.95
    YELLOW CORIS WRASSES flatworm eatting monsters!! Yes we got more
    lubbocks wrasses nice colors
    red coris wrasse juv
    red fin fairy wrasse
    six line wrasse $18.95

    Inverts =======
    Rose Bubble Tip Anemones
    5 Seahares
    Lettuce nudis
    Emerald crabs
    Arrow crabs
    Cerith snails
    Yellow feather duster
    Nassarius snails
    Cleaner shrimp
    purple lobster
    feather dusters
    sexy shrimp
    200 mexican turbos
    chocolate starfish
    more cheato
    huge mexican turbo snails $2.49
    sun anemones $39.95
    sand sifting stars
    cleaner shrimp
    red thorny starfish reef safe!!
    blood shrimp huge!
    Sebae anemones $24.95
    more red and white feather dusters $9.95
    Sand sifting cucumbers
    Burgundy Starfish reef safe
    Nardoa starfish reefsafe

    Drygoods ==== new drygoods or things we have restocked that we ran out of
    Lots more REEF CRYSTALS
    aquavitro fuel
    aquavitro 8.4
    Revive coral cleaner
    Tons more brightwell products!!!!!!
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    ReefSolutions - Reefkeeper CR Sponsor
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    Jan 2010
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    Awards MBI Participant


    20100317 9 - MoRe STufF and MoRe SalEs +LOOK+
    here are the blues again under different lights

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