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What is one of the colors on a clownfish? (hint there is a clownfish on the CR logo in the top left corner of the page.)

New Shipment!

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    Default New Shipment!

    This vendor has some real nice product. The last time his clams were amazing. He said these were "real nice."

    Red Fromia Star
    Mini Maxi Carpet anemone M
    Long Tentacle anemone XL
    Purple Long Tentacle anemone L
    Yellow Seahorse 3-4"
    Turbo Snail
    Emerald Crab M
    Tiny Hermit Crabs
    Green Alien Cabbage Leather Coral M
    Branching Euphyllia Aussie M/L
    Radioactive Frogspawn Wall (True) L/XL
    Crocea Clams - Ultra Blue 3-3.5"
    Crocea Clam- A Grade 3-3.5"
    Golden Teardrop Maxima Clam 3.5-4"
    Yellow Tang LG
    Kole Tang M
    Powder Brown Tang M
    Blue Tang LG
    Purple Tang M
    Clown Trigger 6"
    Cleaner Wrasse ML
    Blue Jaw Trigger Male ML
    Rhomboid Wrasse- Pair ML
    Blue Star Fiji
    Orange Linkia Star ML
    Red Rose anemone MS
    Fire Shrimp L/XL
    Cleaner Shrimp MS
    Feather Duster ML

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    ReefSolutions - Reefkeeper CR Sponsor
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    Jan 2010
    Awards MBI Participant

    Default sweet prices!!!!

    Red Fromia Star 14.99
    Mini Maxi Carpet anemone M 20.00
    Long Tentacle anemone XL 30.00
    Purple Long Tentacle anemone L 60.00
    Yellow Seahorse 3-4" 30.00
    Turbo Snail 2.00
    Emerald Crab M 6.00
    Tiny Hermit Crabs .75
    Green Alien Cabbage Leather Coral M 70.00 THEY ARE BIG
    Branching Euphyllia Aussie M/L 90.
    Radioactive Frogspawn Wall (True) L/XL 110.
    Crocea Clams - Ultra Blue 3-3.5" 65.
    Crocea Clam- A Grade 3-3.5" 60.
    Golden Teardrop Maxima Clam 3.5-4" 40.
    Yellow Tang LG 45.
    Kole Tang M 30.
    Powder Brown Tang M 35.
    Blue Tang LG 99.
    Purple Tang M 130
    Clown Trigger 6" SOLD
    Cleaner Wrasse ML 9.99
    Blue Jaw Trigger Male ML 45.
    Rhomboid Wrasse- Pair ML 199.
    Blue Star Fiji 19.99
    Orange Linkia Star ML 18.99
    Red Rose anemone MS 60.
    Fire Shrimp L/XL 20.
    Cleaner Shrimp MS 17.99
    Feather Duster ML 9.99

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    Tropical Buff - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Dec 2011
    Pinckney MI



    do you currently have any Chromis???

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    Hopkins - Reefkeeper

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    Sep 2009
    Royal Oak, MI
    Awards Wheel Master Award - Helping with run the Frag & Swag wheel at the Michigan Coral Expo & Swap 2014.


    2 useless without pictures - New Shipment!
    rc Hopkins sig - New Shipment!

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