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New stuff and super sales

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    ReefSolutions - Reefkeeper CR Sponsor
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    Arrow New stuff and super sales

    Our Super SALE
    This WEEKEND ==

    Buy $60.00 or more in coral and get a $10.00 frag FREE!!!!!

    Buy any two SPS and get the third for FREE!!! ORA included

    Clarkii Clowns $8.95 each

    Fish that we have in stock=======

    1 garden eel

    Atlantic Blue Pygmy Angel
    Juvenile Emperor angel
    Flame Angel
    Juvenile Koran angel large $42.95
    Anthias- Squares (M&F)
    Royal Gramma’s
    Algae Blenny’s
    Gold Canary Blenny’s
    Scooter Blenny’s
    Tail spot Blenny’s
    Yellow fang blenny
    Copperband butterfly
    Pyramid butterfly
    Bangii Cardinal’s
    Pajama Cardinal
    Green Chromis
    Tank Raised Black Clowns
    TR Cinnamon Clowns
    TR Pink Skunk Clowns
    Ocellaris Clowns
    TR True Percula Clowns
    Clarkii clowns
    Blue Yellow Tail Damsels
    Cross Damsel
    new XXL four stripe damsels
    lyretail Damsels $3.95
    Dragon Goby
    High fin goby
    Yellow Watchman Goby
    Orange spot shrimp Goby
    Foxface magnificent
    Orange spot Rabbit Fish
    Spotted Mandarin
    Jawfish Yellow Head
    Jawfish Bali Tiger
    Fu man chu lion
    chocolate tang adult
    baby naso $19.95
    Blonde Naso Tang XL 5-6inches
    Powder brown tang
    Yellow tangs
    Scopas tangs
    Sailfin tangs $24.95
    Kole tangs

    IMG 1661 - New stuff and super sales
    new Mata Tang

    Undulate trigger
    Clown wrasse
    YELLOW CORIS WRASSES flatworm eating monsters!! Yes we got some
    sea grass wrasse

    IMG 1655 - New stuff and super sales
    New Hawaii cleaner

    IMG 1660 - New stuff and super sales
    New Orange-lined bristle tooth tang

    Hoevens wrasse
    lubbocks wrasses nice colors
    red coris wrasse juv
    six line wrasse $18.95

    2 coral banded sharks in stock
    New 1 Bamboo Shark

    Inverts =======
    Caulerpa Algae
    Cheato Algae
    Condylactus anemones
    Long Tentacle anemones
    Sebae anemones
    Emerald crabs
    Peppermint shrimp
    Cleaner shrimp
    purple lobster
    Mexican turbo snails
    feather dusters
    red thorny starfish reef safe!!
    Aquacultured seahorses $49.95
    Green Nudibranch

    Drygoods ==== new drygoods or things we have restocked that we ran out of
    Tropic Marin salt back in stock
    New Ro line $0.49 per foot
    New RO/DI shut off valve
    New RO/DI saddle valve for copper piping
    Red Marine sheets
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