Hey All!!
It's a Shannon and Jeff Weekend!! So that means the Big Boss will be in helping entertain and catch fish.
New Stock came in on WednesdayLOTS of coral,

IMG 2326 - Special Special Special!!!

IMG 2324 - Special Special Special!!!

IMG 2302 - Special Special Special!!!

IMG 2296 - Special Special Special!!!

and some fishies!

Xl Diamond Sleeper Gobies
Spotted Mandarins
Kole Tang
Blond Naso Tang
Powder Blue Tang
Carpenters Flasher Wrasse
Arrow Crabs
Cleaner Shrimp
Lawnmower blennies
Blue Angel
Queen Angel
Tons Of hermit Crabs

Also we want all our agressive speicies outta here so they are all on sale this weekend only!
we have Lei trigger, Undulated Trigger, Lunar Wrasse, Niger Trigger, Dogface Puffer, and even a Coral Catshark all 40% off!!