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Tonga, Solomon and Fiji is in with tons of nice anthias.

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    carlitofish - Reefkeeper CR Sponsor
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    Dec 2011
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    Default Tonga, Solomon and Fiji is in with tons of nice anthias.

    Tonga, Solomon and Fiji is in with tons of nice anthias.
    There were a lot of ooooos and awesss lasty night while opening boxes. we got in several red little berry Corals last night.

    Purple starfish
    real red lobos
    lots and lots of Lyretail Anthias
    beautiful acans
    large and small sps
    powder blue favias
    four nice pieces of orange and green lepastrea
    and a whole lot more. we are completely stocked and busting at the seams with goodies.

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    MonsterTankMan - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    We need pics

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