Here is a list of the sweet stuff we got in

Keds red zoas
Orange plate
some small frogspawns
pearl bubble coral
Green wellso open brain Really nice
2 more red open brians
Over 10 rocks of mushrooms LOTs went into the frag sections
1 purple and blue plate
1 purple and pink
1 4 head lobo
Huge new CHALICE in orange eye with mint body
Lots of toadstools
a mustard porite coral
10 rocks of zoas all different kinds
Long tenticaled plate corals 2 of them
trumpets two different corals
3 more frags mohawks
green chalice
singluaria frags all the way up to huge colonies
green milli small colonies

Fish==== Here are the new fish we got in today
bicolor blenny
scooter blenny
maroons clowns
blue tail damsels
pink damsels
huge 4 striped damsels
yellow tailed damsels
blue dot watchman gobies
hogfish coral
choclate tang
kole tang
powder blue tang
powder brown tang
scopas tang
blue sided fairy wrasse
six line wrasse

Inverts ==

huge mexican turbo snails
sally light foot crabs
sun anemones
sand sifting stars
lots of cleaner shrimp
red thorny reef safe starfish

if anyone has any questions about prices please let us know and we will post them