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Yea, I went back...couldn't help myself

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    jstan - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    clawson mi
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    Default Yea, I went back...couldn't help myself

    Didn't have much time to peruse around, but here's a few short vid's to enjoy.

    [ame=http://youtu.be/KCSM4hUfrWk]rs1 - YouTube[/ame]
    These little shrimp are sweet, if anyone know's someone with an "Invert Ranch" they'd look really cool in it...cough jimsfliescough cough...
    [ame=http://youtu.be/CemeBtCu58k]rs3 - YouTube[/ame]
    [ame=http://youtu.be/YLmtShze2ZU]rs4 - YouTube[/ame]

    This little guy is soooo cool. All I want to know is what kind of fish is it ??
    [ame=http://youtu.be/uYs-588_LXQ]rs5 - YouTube[/ame]

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    demonclownfish - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    black cap jawfish(Opistognathus randalli)

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