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Michigan's Largest Coral Swap! - Feb. 16, 2014

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    jimsflies - Reefkeeper

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    Aug 2009
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    Quote Originally Posted by that Reef Guy View Post
    Great Swap.

    Lots of nice stuff today.

    When is the Next Swap - Ann Arbor?
    Here you go...

    Ann Arbor Swap - Sunday March 30 - Save the date! (Dexter, MI): 03-30-2014

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    Did anyone record Mr. Preuss from Preuss Pets? Very well done I thought.

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    dlhirst - Reefkeeper
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    Nov 2009
    Detroit MI
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    Wanna say thanks to everyone at the MMMC for putting on such a great expo AGAIN. I know there is a lot of time and hard work that goes into one of these things, so I hope it was as successful for you as it seemed to be for all the attendees. Thanks too, to the vendors and their great deals. My tank will look better now because of you!

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    ReefTech - Reefkeeper Moderator

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    Jan 2012
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    Awards Wheel Master Award - Helping with run the Frag & Swag wheel at the Michigan Coral Expo & Swap 2014. Yugo Award - For running the CR booth during MCES


    Want to say thank you to everyone that made this show possible and to all the vendors that participated. Saw a lot of familiar faces along with a lot of new ones as well. Had a great time running the frag-n-swag wheel at the CR booth. Will be posting everything that I picked up later on today.

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    CR Member
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    Apr 2010


    Been in the hobby here for a while (although never long enough) and have had a chance to attend this swap a few times over the years - but this is the first since moving to this venue. It's definitely well laid out and easy to move around - and a great selection of vendors, raffle items, and items to drain the bank account.

    My thanks to the folks that put in the time to plan, organize, setup, run, and tear down - events of this size aren't easy, and there is always one or two items that don't go as planned (like tanks that are set up the night before, and on the floor in the morning) - but as a participant coming in shortly after opening - all was smooth (and carpet dried...).

    My thanks also to the various vendors that put in the time to prepare for and attend - logistics of moving around tanks, water, animals, bags, containers, lights, equipment, etc. - in Michigan weather - is a lot of work.

    Good event - good people.

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    I helped with the setup the night before but the day if the swap just felt in the way.
    The guys that have been doing this for awhile really have a great system in place thanks for all the hard work can't wait for the next one

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    that Reef Guy - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Feb 2011
    Milford, MI
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    Awards Fishbowl Drawing Winner


    Quote Originally Posted by ReefHero View Post
    Did anyone record Mr. Preuss from Preuss Pets? Very well done I thought.
    Yes great lecture I would like to watch it again

    Anybody have it please put it on YouTube for all to see

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    So I bought a pulsing xenia and it isn't pulsing anymore. Not sure if that is bad or good. My rose bubble tip anemone is doing great though so I don't know what to do. Really don't want to just let it die. I have PC lighting in my Nano-cube DX and it has been up and running for a while with a mated pair of clowns. The skunk cleaner shrimp is doing fine too. Any ideas? I saw some people feed phytoplankton but most said it thrives without anything. Any suggestions? I'm rather new to this whole thing so any advice is good advice.

    BTW loved my first swap and will probably go to the next one!

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    natalialaloca - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Jan 2010
    the mitten
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    This was my second swap, and I loved it even more than the one last year. (It didn't hurt that I brought a cooler this time.) Such a wonderful event. Thanks to all who put it together.

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