Midwest Marine Conference 2010
May 21 -23, 2010
Brought to you by the MarineLife Aquarium Society of Michigan
and the Cranbrook Institute of Science

This year think REEF !
Refocusing on Efficient and Effective Fundamentals
We are focusing on topics to reduce losses, reduce impact, and move toward a more sustainable hobby

After 11 years the Marinelife Aquarium Society of Michigan is expanding it's Midwest Marine Conference to 3 days of activities. Now attendees can enjoy a Friday reception and 2 full days of speakers, Vendors, and a massive raffle.

Speakers include

  • Jake Adams
    - LED lighting Technologies
  • John Coppolino
    - Angelfish in Reef Aquaria: From QT and Adaptation to Pairing and Spawning
  • Michael DeGruy
    - Creeps From the Deep and Other Stories
  • Charles Delbeek
    - CAS Large Reef System
  • Sanjay Joshi
    - Reef Aquarium System Design: Principles and Good Practices
  • Richard Pyle

Full Conference Passes include all speaker sessions, Exhibit Hall, and access to the largest marine aquaria raffle in the state.

Visit http://www.midwestmarineconf.org/ for more details