Our next MMMC club meeting will be on Saturday, January 8th @ 6pm at Preuss Pets.

This is our annual meeting to make our MMMC Reef Stew for our upcoming swap. Each participant will get to take home a bag of Reef Stew for their tank.

We ask that each person bring an ingredient or two to throw into the Reef Stew Mix. The MMMC food is formulated to feed your entire reef. It has large pieces all the way down to the <10 micron size for feeding acros. Last years batch contained these ingredients:

fresh squid
fresh shrimp
fresh gobies
mysis shrimp
Prawn Roe
Red Sea fish pellets
flake food
ESV spray dried phyto...this stuff grows zoanthids like crazy
Golden Pearls (several sizes)
Coral Frenzy

Anyone is welcome to attend that is interested in becoming a member of the club.