i hope no one minds this being posted here .... this is in NO WAY meant to be a "spamming" type of post, just a very useful tool for ALL hobbyists so please feel free to use us ....

Talkingreef Live is coming up tonight (1/6) at 8:00 PM EST. Make sure you show up early and you can join in on the pre show discussion. its lots of fun. The Talkingreef Chat rooms also start up at 7:00 PM EST for those that want to get talk before the show starts.

We will have a new brief topic for the intro part of the show. Please make sure you join us early so you can through in your thoughts and get your questions ready

Talkingreef live is a special Live broadcast of Talkingreef. We have a great pre show chat in the chat rooms then live on the airwaves before the recording starts. its a great time and lots of fun so make sure you join in early to participate in the pre-show chat. As with all Talkingreef live shows we encourage you to ask your questions, bring up topics, or just hang out and listen while chatting with other listeners. Make sure you set yourself a reminder and tell all of your friends. Cant wait to talk do you all there.

Talkingreef Live starts this Sunday January 6th at 8:00 PM EST
For more details visit:
http://www.talkingreef.com or