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When corals bleach...

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    Unhappy When corals bleach...

    Well... event the best laid plans and systems can have disaster strike.

    About a month ago my Ph went from 8.2 to 9.1 within a period of about 24 hours. The tank-up tube of my dosed had gone to the bottom of the sodium bicarbonate solution container, where it was putting undissolved material and "heavy water" into my system. Sloppy work by me -- I should have addressed the undissolved mix sooner.

    I turned off the Ph doser for 8 days.... that's how long it took to return to normal. I was very fortunate: no fish loss, no acro loss, no LPS loss, no softie loss. Strangely enough, only two montis were affected.

    Here's the tank today -- a full shot and a few sections. No apparent loss at first:

    full tank - When corals bleach...

    right - When corals bleach...

    center - When corals bleach...

    But look at this ghastly pic.... a HUGE Idaho Grape colony, grown into two cool tiers:

    Bleach 1 - When corals bleach...

    Bleach 2 - When corals bleach...

    And the green cap (about 13 inches across) took a beating... but recovering.

    green cap - When corals bleach...

    I am unsure if the Idaho could still recover. Really doubt it. I hate to remove all that structure --- it really is a lot of support for the rock work on that side of the tank!

    I have plenty of thinks to place there: the orange cap, for example, is in a stupid location , propped up at the center right mound. And the Hollywood Stunner --- which is in the right corner with its bottom side facing out -- could get moved there too. I also have a have dozen acro frags that are getting too large for the frag rack.

    But it still bums me out to lose something so suddenly that I grew from a quarter-sized frag.
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    Detroit's oldest large LED tank! Est'd Jan 2005, went LED June 2009. 6' wide 130g reef, Sunbrite T10 LED tubes (3xGen 3 and 1xGen 1), mostly SPS, but chalices, other LPS, and a few softies too.

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    cephalotus - Reefkeeper
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    Sorry for your loss hope things bounce back.

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    Sir Patrick - Reefkeeper A2 Club Coordinator
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    Looks like the Idaho grapes got some pieces that are salvagable at least. Sorry to hear about what happened to such nice large pieces!

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    I guess I have to get in there and start fragging it off. Someone suggested covering it frags of encrusting monti.... which, I have to admit, had cossed my mind as well. I am wondering if there is something creative I can do with that structure.
    Detroit's oldest large LED tank! Est'd Jan 2005, went LED June 2009. 6' wide 130g reef, Sunbrite T10 LED tubes (3xGen 3 and 1xGen 1), mostly SPS, but chalices, other LPS, and a few softies too.

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    I would cover it with different encrusting monties. How sweet would it look covered with a sunset and a sunrise!!!

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