Well 2010 brought AEFW and 2011 brought the death of all my SPS Acropora and Millepora and the great depression. Now in 2012 I hope to restock my tank that has been without coral all 2011 F.O.W.L.R so all set to go, I am looking for the same corals sps acro's and mille's ..Would love to start with tabling acro's and willing to take my time to get the right ones and the right size no frags like 1 inch looking for mini colonies or at least 2x2 in frag size..if you have any or are going to be trimming any month soon let me know what you have and how much they will cost and we can go from there with pics and such..thanks for your time hopefully by Aug. I will have some nice stuff again I am in no hurry heck I have waited a year can wait another month or two to start acquiring them.