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What type of fish is in the middle of CaptiveReefs (top left corner of page...hint it is the main character in Finding Nemo) )

Zoanthid Questions

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    that Reef Guy - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Feb 2011
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    Smile Zoanthid Questions

    I was just wondering how fast do Zoanthids reproduce?

    Also, I have seen many many different kinds with all kinds of crazy names like Miami Vice and Purple People Eaters.

    Is there a site maybe that lists all the different types of Zoanthids so I can learn more about them? Hopefully with pictures.

    Are all these Zoanthids found in the Ocean or are they Man Made?

    I picked up some Zoas on Frag Plugs at my first Frag Swap in Lansing.

    I put them in my eHopps Frag tray at the top of my Tank.

    Is that OK?

    I am hoping that the extra light will make them reproduce faster but am worried it might be too much light and kill them.

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    Sir Patrick - Reefkeeper A2 Club Coordinator
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    Oct 2009
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    Zoas have a tendance to grow like weeds, but dont always.....Water parameters, flow and lighting all play a key roll in their growth.

    wish I could say there was a site that could tell you more about all the different varieties.....but I dont know of one. I am in the progress of collecting this info- but am still in the early stages of it. For now though, since you would like to see some names, along with pics, I would say browse around here-

    CoralPedia.com! :: The definitive repository for named Corals!

    All zoas are found in the ocean, but man made isnt a far off description-

    Lighting plays a huge roll, as well as alot of other factors, in the way zoas look. They change (morph) also, depending on many factors, including light, flow and nutrients.

    As far a s placement goes-

    Always start your polyps near the bottom of your tank, and slowley/progressively, move them higher, towords the light, untill they seem happy- like staying open and having nice color. Too much light, without acclimation to it, can disturb polyps.

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    Sir Patrick - Reefkeeper A2 Club Coordinator
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    Oct 2009
    UofM territory
    Awards Monthly Giveaway Winner


    I am moving this thread to the zoanthid forums.

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