We have a wide variety of home-grown aquacultured corals and a nice selection of other aquacultured fish, clams, seahorses and more!

Our Aquaculture Facility
Find us here:
RIMG10112 zps3evrvibt - An Aquaculture Paradise
RIMG10002 zpsy1roy3jb - An Aquaculture Paradise
RIMG10062 zpsknpuyczm - An Aquaculture Paradise
RIMG10042 zps41bvyeuq - An Aquaculture Paradise

Aquacultured WYSIWYG Frags
Lots to pick from--more post every couple of days, see them all here:
F S1333 2000x zps4pn7p0ip - An Aquaculture Paradise
F S1324 2000x2 zpso2qaebal - An Aquaculture Paradise
F S1339 2000x2 zpsx5t4ycpf - An Aquaculture Paradise
F S0621 2000x201 zpskwtcrgx8 - An Aquaculture Paradise

Hardy Easy-To-Keep Aquacultured Fish
We are increasing our selection, many more posting over the next couple of weeks!
Watch for our growing selection here:
Flurry pair 2000x zpsci7xybyq - An Aquaculture Paradise
RedHeadGoby 2000x zps8mlihq0n - An Aquaculture Paradise

Aquacultured Acropora WYSIWYG Frags
Find them here:
AA S0322 2000x201 zpshojihqjl - An Aquaculture Paradise

Aquacultured Photosynthetic Gorgonians
Buy them here:
Rusty 2000x zpsazsayc6l - An Aquaculture Paradise

Aquacultured Live Rock
See it here, great price includes shipping:
ReefReef1 2000x zpsxnezmqjv - An Aquaculture Paradise

Dr. Mac's Stash
A selection of our home-grown multi generation frags from Dr. Mac's personal collection, watch for a lot more coming soon!
Watch for new releases here:
PEA C12 Scrolling Rainbow 2000x zps06hvxayj - An Aquaculture Paradise
MegaMelon12X9 2000x zpsnvoz8tev - An Aquaculture Paradise

Cultured Maxima Clams
Easy -to-keep, great prices!
Find these beauties here:
WS JL2801 2000x201 zpsdzvbzzao - An Aquaculture Paradise

Tank-raised Seahorses
Eat frozen Mysis, super hardy!
Buy them here:
Seahorse3 2000x zpss4kmcjxo - An Aquaculture Paradise

We are constantly growing and increasing our selection of aquacultured livestock. Come visit us sometime or buy online anytime: