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Tom@HassletMI's Mixed Reef

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    Tom@HaslettMI - Reefkeeper
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    Oct 2009
    East Lansing, MI
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    Default Tom@HassletMI's Mixed Reef


    I'm truly grateful that my reef has been selected as the March Tank of the Month here at Captive Reefs. I never really imagined my tank would be bestowed such an honor. My reef has been running since the early 90's (1993...may be?) and has been drained and moved eight times... including a 9+ hour trip to Haslett, Michigan from the Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Originally it was setup in a 29-gallon tank, and then spent a few years in a 20 high and in 1999 settled into the 50 breeder where it currently resides. Through the years the reef has gone though many ups and downs, from a broken heater, leaking sump and pest infestations to lush soft coral growth and large colorful stony coral colonies. Throughout the life of my reef I've followed a few basic guidelines; let 'em grow (i.e., don't frag until I have to), promote captive breeding (buying and producing) and support local shops and hobbyists.

    Tank Specifications

    Display: 36"x18"x18" 50-gallon "Breeder"
    Lighting: 3 - 39watt T5HO w/ TEK II reflectors (blue+, aquablue special, blue+)
    1 - Current USA PowerBrite LED (white)
    Sump/fuge: 20-gallon "Long"
    Skimmer: EuroReef ES5-2
    Refugium Lighting: DIY 4 watt cold cathode fluorescent
    Return pump: Mag18 (partially routed back to fuge section of sump)
    1 - Tunze Nanostream 6045
    1 - Koralia 2
    Heating/cooling: 100 watt Tronic heater and a 3-inch canopy fan
    Top Off: Tunze Osmolator w/ a 6 gallon reservoir

    Name:  electrical.jpg
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Size:  74.4 KB Name:  sump.jpg
Views: 1817
Size:  88.7 KB Name:  skimmer.jpg
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Size:  55.2 KB

    Name:  gorgonian.jpg
Views: 809
Size:  91.2 KB Name:  derasa-top-down.jpg
Views: 945
Size:  58.5 KB Name:  rightfront.jpg
Views: 6825
Size:  53.4 KB

    Future Plans
    My reef is well into its teen years and I see no end in sight. My long-term plans include increasing automation and reducing power consumption and operating costs. I'd also like to have a "reef room" where I can do coral propagation and hopefully breed some marine fish too. But that will be several years from now.

    There are a lot of people to thank for where my reef tank is today. First, my reef would not be what it is today without communities like Captive Reefs. So, thanks all of you for sharing your reefing knowledge, experiences and photos as they constantly inspire me. And thank you Jim for all of the time and effort you put in to improving and maintaining this site. I need to thank BeakerBob for taking the beautiful pictures in this post, Carey O'Donnell whose skill and know-how made the stand/canopy build possible, whoever nominated me for TOTM, and of course my LFS Preuss Pets. Lastly I have to thank my wife for her support and patience with my reef tank addiction.

    No code has to be inserted here.

    Name:  rightfront.jpg
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    ReeferRob - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2009
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    Awards Photo of the Month


    Congrats Tom! A very deserving tank, wonderful colors and corals. I hope to be in your company one day!
    "We shouldn't think of an environment where livestock can survive, we should ensure an environment where livestock can thrive."-Rabidgoose
    "If it's gonna be that kinda party, Ima stick my ........ in the mashed potatoes!"-Beastie Boys

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    jimsflies - Reefkeeper

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    Aug 2009
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    Tom your tank looks fantastic! Great job on the write-up!

    Also a big thanks to Beaker Bob for helping out with the pics.

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    Argent - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Dec 2009
    Berkley, Michigan
    First Name


    Nice tank Tom - well deserving of TOTM!
    Argent's 24G Aquapod HQI
    Argent Imaging on Flickr

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    Join Date
    Oct 2009
    Ann Arbor
    Awards Fishbowl Drawing Winner


    Sweet looking tank! Congrats!

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    Very Nice Tom! Congrats!

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    Rabidgoose - Reefkeeper Moderator

    Join Date
    Sep 2009
    Thumb MI
    Awards Yugo Award Photo of the Month


    Very nice tank Tom, congratulations
    I simply can't trust people that don't like bacon,

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    thefishgirl - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Sep 2009
    Grosse Pointe Woods, MI
    First Name


    Congratulations Tom. Beautiful tank!!!!

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    kgood1 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Mar 2010
    Lake Orion
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    Great job Tom. When my tank grows up i want it to be just like yours,....congratulations!

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    BeakerBob - Reefkeeper

    Join Date
    Sep 2009
    Lansing, Michigan
    Awards Photo of the Month Photo of the Month


    You have a great looking tank! Thank you for allowing me in to take pictures....glad I could help out.
    BeakerBob - Past MMMC Club President, current Board Member
    imagephp?u1&amptypesigpic&ampdateline1261894023 - Tom@HassletMI's Mixed Reef

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