So about 6 weeks ago or so I bought a young black ice clownfish from pet shop, that had been locally spawned. He did very well for a little more than a month then started being hosted by the wall of my aquarium, so to speak... Though I'd been told he would be fine if not paired as he had"always been alone" not sure if that means he was the lone survivor or what. Anyway I decided to get another ocelarris because I have the impression he's lonely, because as much as he's tried to make friends with his tankmates he is either ignored or meet with aggressiveness by the Blue neon velvet. So he set up camp in a vertical 4" section of a corner and there he's stayed. So come home today and to my dismay the submissive ocelarris male I got has paired and I know it will be hard to believe, but paired with the damsel!!! And it seems as though you damsel is cool with the agreement... I am totally at a loss..has anyone ever heard of such a thing?ds I mean I know it's the same classification, but this damsel has been mean as a hornet...and now he's paired with a clownfish's and seems quite content. He's not bothering anyone now!!!