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***Up to 50% Off***

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    Default ***Up to 50% Off***

    We have added additional sales to our End of the Year Clearance Sale! Act fast and don't miss out of these huge savings! Our last day to ship before the holidays is December 19th.

    30% off Australian Coral:
    Australian Coral Colonies and Frags for Sale | Acanthastrea lordhowensis Frags

    30% off Cultured Clams:
    Maxima Clams for Sale | Crocea | Squamosa | Derasa for Reef Aquariums

    30% off WYSIWYG Frag Page:
    All Frags

    Colonies Individually Marked Down (Up to 50% off):
    Coral Colonies | Rare Corals | SPS | LPS | Soft

    $1.99 and 4.99 Frags:
    Santa's Stocking Stuffers Page

    We also sell Gift Certificates:
    Pacific East Aquaculture Gift Certificates

    tn FD074149RedSpeckledMushrooms zps94b7da75 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn FD074699LightBrightChalice zps71492d34 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn AUD072879GoldStripeTorch zpsff669a6f - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn AUD070879NeonBlasto zpsb9dcb2ac - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn AUD070989UltraAcan zps7a4f51b7 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn AUD072389UltraAcan zps3bca6b95 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn AUD0719159UltraAcan zps1c948c1e - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn AUD012499UltraAcanlord zps15e14547 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn VN3005129PolyCulturedMaxima zps1e3b3a46 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn VN3024129PolyCulturedMaxima zpse6d94341 - ***Up to 50% Off***

  2. Visit Pacific East Aquaculture's Site
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    Over 80 HOT WYSIWYG Frags posted today! For our End of the Year Clearance Sale all frags on our WYSWYG Frag Page are 30% off!!!

    30% Off WYSIWYG Frag Page:
    All Frags

    tn FD100379OrangeHammer Copy zps76bf7ef8 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn FD100949RainbowPrismFavia Copy zps5a5d3322 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn FD101749NeonHotSPotsAcanechinata Copy zps07a9dcda - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn FD102039OrangeRingFrostedAcanthastreaechinata Copy zpsff3396ae - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn FD103159LemonTreeGoniopora Copy zps8df19778 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn FD103449SunkistLeopardChalice Copy zpsc68f7d10 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn FD107134BlueVioletMontipora Copy zps4e6b435c - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn FD107239PurpleMonsterFavia Copy zps13d24565 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn FD107369CherryBombFavia Copy zps9204ae50 - ***Up to 50% Off***
    tn FD102389CherryCharmsChalice Copy zps5d862556 - ***Up to 50% Off***

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