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Feeding while on Vacation

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    Default Feeding while on Vacation

    I'm going out of town for a 2.5 days over xmus. I bought an auto feeder for the tank but no food for it yet. I feed the frozen green stuff that the guys at Trop. make so that can't be put in it. What food should I get that is safe for everyone in the tank....fish, shrimp, crabs, are all in the tank and it's a 90 gallon. I've read and been told that it needs to be free of copper.



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    Feed them well before you leave and they should be fine for the 2.5 days you will be out of town.

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    I don't worry about feeding unless I'm going to be gone for more than a week. They will be fine and it's actually safer not to feed them if you are going to be gone for that short of time. They will find plenty to eat in the tank.

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    +1 for both of those responses. Granted, I am not one to feed the fish every night anyway, but they can all be forced to scavenge for food for a few days at least. Especially if you are feeding them that green stuff (my fish love it!). If you want to fatten them up a bit before leaving, try feeding more often for two or three days prior. Not twice as much, but maybe eg two feedings of 70% of your normal amount. You still don't want food dropping to the floor.

    Then, feed them as soon as you get home. And, if you don't have an ATO - make sure the tank is full before you leave. That has always been my big concern.

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