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DLBerlin Benefit Auction and Garage Sale + Win MASM-MMC Ticket

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    Default DLBerlin Benefit Auction and Garage Sale + Win MASM-MMC Ticket

    I think many of the Michigan members know DLBerlin. Debbie has been a long time supporter of the reefing scene in Michigan. She ran a successful online store called DIYReef.com for several years. Although many of folks know, maybe not all of you know, that Debbie had an aneurysm last month...fortunately after being airlifted to University of Michigan Hospital, emergency surgery, and a couple week stay in the intensive care unit, Debbie is finally home and recovering. Unfortunately, with her husband laid off and not employed herself, she did not have health insurance. While I'm sure our small community cannot begin to touch what she owes on the medical bills, I would like to try to raise a little money to help her out.

    So, here is how we are going to do it. As you may have seen, CR just launched two new areas of the site: Reefing auctions and non-reefing marketplace (visible under "Market" on the navbar). Members wanting to help will designate in their ads on these two areas that the item is for DLBerlin Benefit. For example, if I were starting an auction for ppe's the title of the auction would read "Purple People Eaters - DLBerlin Benefit". Note you can also donate sales non-reefing items designated as "DLBerlin Benefit". By doing so, you would be committing to donate 100% of the proceeds, less shipping and paypal costs to DLBerlin. I will set up a special paypal address soon that once you have collected the funds, you will forward the donation to that address...you can select "gift" with paypal to avoid having fees taken out.

    As an additional incentive, the Marine Aquarium Society of Michigan (MASM) has agreed to donate a ticket to their upcoming conference, the Midwest Marine Conferrence. For each item you put in the reef auction or non-reef item in the Markeplace (ie. Garage Sale) designated as for "DLBerlin Benefit" will count as one entry into a random drawing for a raffle that we will have for the conference ticket.

    To qualify for the drawing you must sell and submit the donation by Friday April 23. To accomplish this time frame, I recommend specifying a listing of 10 days or less in duration ....this is an option you specify when setting up the listing. This will allow time for the listing to run and for funds to be collected. Each item whose proceeds are received by Friday April 23 will then be entered int a drawing and the winner will be announced on April 25.

    Feel free to ask any questions, if I can be of any help clearing up confusion.

    Last edited by jimsflies; 04-25-2010 at 07:23 PM.

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    The email that has been set up for this with paypal is benefit@captivereefs.com.

    Should you wish to donate directly you can also do that using the above email. Be sure to select "gift" with paypal so we don't get charged a fee.

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    Mike - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Sep 2009


    This is a really cool thing to do. Things like this (and this is closer to home for us in the community) are the reason why insurance needs to be affordable and available to everyone. An ICU bed is rediculous in terms of per day cost not to mention everything else.
    --Lifetime member of the "No Mud Club".:

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    Also if you post a reef item for sale in the equipment or livestock forums and designate that the proceeds go to DLBerlin that would also count toward an entry into the raffle for an MMC ticket as well.

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    Bella127 - Reefkeeper CR Member
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    Nov 2009
    Awards Fantasy Football Champion - 2012 Fantasy Football League Champ Photo of the Month Tank of the Month


    This is a great gesture Jim. Damn near brought a tear to my eye. There is nothing like letting somebody know that they are being thought of.

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    Jim, just added an item,. but the auction thread isn't showing up. Did I do something wrong?
    Detroit's oldest large LED tank! Est'd Jan 2005, went LED June 2009. 6' wide 130g reef, Sunbrite T10 LED tubes (3xGen 3 and 1xGen 1), mostly SPS, but chalices, other LPS, and a few softies too.

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    It's there in the auction area. These features are separate and won't necessarily show up in the forums. However, I am working on some additional integration so people know there is stuff in that area of the sit.

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    I've got some palys and cool green cabbage leather I'm going to list tomorrow.

    I might be able to find a few odds and ends around the house for the garage sale too.

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    CR Member
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    Oct 2009
    Pleasant Lake, Mi


    Accepting charity is something I am not accustomed to, but sometimes we all need a little help from our friends. I am blessed to have made so many wonderful friends in the hobby, the MASM and MMMC clubs, and the Reefing forums who are so generously offering help and comfort in our time of need. This type of thing is one of the reasons I have been so involved in the Michigan reefing community in addition to the hobby itself over the years.

    Our most sincere thanks to you all
    Mike and Deb

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    tim - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Mar 2010


    This is very high-class, Jim. very.

    Deb is a most deserving recipient of this gesture as well - with all she's given, we should all be happy to give something back.

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