Hey guys,

Just a quick post to let everyone here know that we have some new Maxi Mini's just added to the site. A couple of stunners too!

a1d47ca0a970354316c8539e2be84ff8image550x550 - New WYSIWYG Maxi Mini's

19f3091651f22372e01cea69d1169f28image550x550 - New WYSIWYG Maxi Mini's

a0d4de0875b95d7bdddcebd27d458e0eimage550x550 - New WYSIWYG Maxi Mini's

Wysiwyg Maxi Mini's : CultivatedReef.com, Aquacultured Coral Frags

Best regards,
Cultivated Reef

CultivatedReef.com, Aquacultured Coral Frags