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Ecosystems acrylic sump whole setup

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    Default Ecosystems acrylic sump whole setup

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    Price: 450
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    Im upgrading to a 75 in a little while that I plan on building a custom sump for. The sump is 36" long 12" wide and 18" high. It comes with two hob overflows with stckman mids and prefilter sponges, and one 4' and 2' length of 1" flex tubing. It also have a return pump (quiet one 4000) it has some problems starting up every 4 or five times, but all you have to do is give it a little slam or move the impeller with a wire. Whole setup (minus the aqua c pro) for $450.
    I will post some pics later, Iam in sw ct, and I will still be using for a week or two, depends on how soon I can get the acrylic and glue. I will also trade for a 48" six bulb t5 fixture and mag 13/14. Ill throw in a 36" fixture for the pump if you want, I wont need my old fixture if I can get a 48".
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