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Live Candy!

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    Default Live Candy!

    These are not posted on our site yet, Call us to purchase, toll-free 877-887-5224. First to call basis on sales - you must call, no PM's or thread posts to order. Photos shot under LED pendant with white and blue bulbs, white balance set to white sand bottom.

    Lemon Aussie Hammer, 7 inches, $399
    8880c9bf - Live Candy!

    Neon Multi Mouth Lavender rim Orange Ricordea florida, 1.75 inches, $39
    320585a1 - Live Candy!

    Neon Catseye Zoos, 1 inch, $29
    8322159b - Live Candy!

    Santa Fe Sunrise, aka Split Decision Chalice
    We imported this chalice a few years ago, we release just 1 frag a year!
    Lemon yellow rim!
    2+ eyes, .75 inch, $899
    42e13471 - Live Candy!

    Amazing Technicolor Acan echinata, 1.25 inches, $99
    44c5aa33 - Live Candy!

    Aussie Red Bull Chalice, 5 inches! 30+ eyes, $1199
    1da8c4c9 - Live Candy!
    c7e01009 - Live Candy!

    Lemon with multiple Neon Mouths Ricordea florida, 1.5 inches, $39
    16ae06cb - Live Candy!

    Metallic Orange Caribbean Rhodactis, 2.5+ inches when fully expanded, $79
    184dd0ca - Live Candy!

    Sweetheart Puffy Lobophyllia, 3.75 inches, $159
    07607d75 - Live Candy!

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    larryandlaura - Reefkeeper
    Team CR

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    Nov 2010
    Houghton Lake
    First Name
    Awards Monthly Giveaway Winner Fantasy Football Champion Referral Award Monthly Giveaway Winner


    OMG freakin hot corals! They will be gone fast!
    Hi my name is Larry and I'm a coral addict!

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    Blood Passion Lobophyllia, $79
    6a31b17e - Live Candy!

    Blue rim Bright Orange with Neon mouth Ricordea florida, $39
    ce538b8a - Live Candy!

    Key Lime Pie Rock Anemone, $79
    8d1c504e - Live Candy!

    Tangerine and Lime Carpet Lobophyllia, $39
    9936b6bf - Live Candy!

    Lemon-Tangerine Hammer, $249
    82681ca7 - Live Candy!

    Lemon-Tangerine with Electric Mouth Ricordea florida, $39
    897910c7 - Live Candy!

    Blood Orange Hammer, $159
    2b8038ac - Live Candy!

    Rainbow of Lobos, $159
    f73a2a34 - Live Candy!

    Another Rainbow of Lobos, $189
    e42e8657 - Live Candy!

    Electric Orange and Neon Ricordea florida, $39
    f531130f - Live Candy!

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    adalius - Reefkeeper CR Member
    Join Date
    Jul 2010
    Waukesha, WI - USA
    First Name


    The technicolor and the neon catseyes are insane!

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    Blue-Teal St Thomas Rhodactis, 1.5 inches fully expanded, $39
    4180e9ae - Live Candy!

    Orange and Green Rock Anemone, 1.25 inches, $69
    79c363d7 - Live Candy!

    Tangerine rim Rock Anemone, 1.5 inches, $69
    28f39e35 - Live Candy!

    Royal Blue Hornets, 1.25 inches, $29
    393b4ce5 - Live Candy!

    Teal and Yellow-Green St Thomas Rodactis, 1.5 inches fully expanded, $69
    75b50f9d - Live Candy!

    Purple and Red Acropora millepora, 2.5 inches, $129
    de678432 - Live Candy!

    Blue-Purple X-Men Mushrooms, 1.5 inches, $39
    60b3ba21 - Live Candy!

    Crimson and Clover Acropora millepora, 2 inches, $99
    c61557bc - Live Candy!

    Redd's Acropora millepora, 2.5 inches, $129
    d9f30d48 - Live Candy!

    Captain America Palys, 3 polyps, $29
    9ca5e8e1 - Live Candy!

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    King's Ransom Zoos, $29
    3dbbfbe0 - Live Candy!

    Orange Splash Rhodactis, $49
    83bc465b - Live Candy!

    Neon Bullseye Rock Anemone, $79
    1bca36f3 - Live Candy!

    Pink Zebra Rock Anemone, $89
    3b45812e - Live Candy!

    Teal Ricordea florida, $34
    4abfdbe9 - Live Candy!

    Rose Bloom St Thomas Rhodactis, $59
    d86e6673 - Live Candy!

    Mega Neon Mouth Orange Ricorda florida, $49
    8a9bcbb1 - Live Candy!

    Purple rim Lime Fungia, $89
    8f08ddb0 - Live Candy!

    Blood Money Chalice, $899
    04e491ff - Live Candy!
    5d5d7c0e - Live Candy!

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    dlhirst - Reefkeeper
    Join Date
    Nov 2009
    Detroit MI
    First Name


    Killer rock anenomes!

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